June 5, 2018 Tampa, 5 Stars

Ms. Persuasian must be one of the hottest encounters I have ever had. Everything I had dreamed about a perfect session occurred to me when I saw her. I knew she was going to be a wild encounter, but not this wild. She has moved to Tampa and now it’s time to meet her. VIP's read on...

So I read about Ms. Persuasian and knew she was moving to Tampa, so I contacted her. She was driving and not quite yet in Tampa, so we scheduled to see her in 2 days when she arrived.

She doesn't have a permanent incall yet, so I went to see her at her hotel. Easy to communicate. She opened the door and there stood a nice looking Asian delight. Walked in and we sat to chat.

She as lots of toys and played with one in particular.

It was one of the wildest essions Ive had. This is not normal, and don't expect the same. I got what I got because I invested time in her. Also this was a 2 hour session and only this time slot is possible to do so much.

I took a shower and we said are goodbyes. A permanent name in my contact lIst!

- Sugarjingle, privatedelights